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Ethically + Locally Made

Factory Love

Synergy Apparel

Factory Lady: Lin

She is the lead sample maker and she is always making magic. If she's the factory lady, then my daughter is the factory baby. Lin always smiles, hugs her and treats her like an auntie would, like family. These things matter and that's why we produce locally in a factory like Synergy Apparel who employs amazing people like Lin.

Shibori Dyeing Process

We use a technique called Arashi Shibori. "Arashi" is the Japanese word for Storm.

Arashi Shibori: aka Pole Wrapping

Our process begins with folding the blanket in half and continuing to fold it until it is a few inches in width, then wrapping it around the pole and securing it with rubberbands. Immerse, soak, oxidize and repeat. The more you repeat the last four steps the more saturated the color will be.

Let it dry

line dry it completely, then rinse with cold water (no soap) and machine or air dry